The Bravo series illustrates that modern digital technology has made it possible to develop hearing aids that offer the user good speech reproduction, a very natural sound and good listening comfort - all at a sensible price.

The hearing aids’ digital signal processing amplifies speech to optimise intelligibility and ensures that loud sounds are not uncomfortably loud.

The hearing aids are particularly suitable for relatively quiet surroundings, where the user is not regularly exposed to difficult listening conditions.

There are two series of Bravo models:

Bravo B1 models

In-the-ear/canal hearing aid

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

Bravo B2 models

Completely-in-canal hearing aid

In-the-ear/canal hearing aid

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

User advantages

100% digital hearing aid at a low price

Very good sound quality and speech reproduction in less demanding listening environments
Very low battery power consumption
Filtration of noise from cellular phones

Special features

Thorough 2-channel signal processing (Noise Reduction) with focus on clear speech reproduction

2-channel signal processing prevents feedback in many situations (Feedback Risk Management)
Low battery indicator
Optional volume control (some models)



B32 hearing aids make it easier and more comfortable for people with a severe degree of hearing loss to use hearing aids.

With the development of the Bravo B11 and B12 mini-BTE models, anyone with a moderately severe hearing loss can now enjoy the well-known advantages of our Bravo series.

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